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Derby Photographers / Videographers

Where do we get all these amazing images? Some of the world’s best photographers and videographers share their hard work and talent with the world of roller derby. Please check out some of our favorites!


Josh Larkin Photography

Hispanic Attack // Walter Romero
or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hispanic-Attack

Big Dawg Images // Steven McKinney

Emily Alice Shuman / Life Anew Images

Mark Collier / Collier Photography

Little Moose Photography

Jolene Grey


Central Vermont Sports Net (CVT Sports)
Videos of past bouts available for sale at CVT Sports!
Check out the video clips!


Media We Love

There is so much great information out there in and about the derby community…below is a list of some of our favorites!


Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) : International governing body of women’s flat track roller derby

WFTDA.tv : Live streaming of bouts as well as an amazing archive

Roller Derby Athletics : Resources to train, learn, practice & grow

Roller Derby for Beginners : The name says it all! Resources for fresh meat & seasoned skaters


You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Loose Wheel : A Blog about life, art, and derby

TrebleMaker 909 : Roller derby tips, training & advice for Fresh Meat, Rookies and Veteran Roller Girls

The Control Pad : Derby life, Info and Gear reviews by former CVRD and current Rose City skater, Sproutta Control


Roller Derby Basics (WFTDA)

Roller Derby and the Art of Falling Down : Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) tries out Roller Derby

Roller Derby Saved my Soul : by Uncle Leon and the Alibis


Wrecking Dolls Society : Our fresh meat/learn to skate league page

Central Vermont Roller Derby : Our main facebook page

Roller Derby Recyclables : Find some used gear and save $$$!

Roller Derby Junkies : Fun derby gifs/videos


We all need to get our derby gear somewhere! Some of our favorite stores include:

Bruised Boutique

Turn Two Skate Shop