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CVRD Skater Profiles

New year, new round of new skater profiles!
Everybody say Hi to Nell Hath No Fury!

Name: Nell Hath No Fury – My real-life name is Nellie, and I am, like, ridiculously good-natured, so I thought it was a funny choice.
Number: Haven’t decided on one yet. Leaning towards either 19 (because everything is 19), or 213 (my birthday)
When I started: September 2015
How I found CVRD: I’d been thinking about checking out roller derby for several years, but didn’t actually do anything about it until this past year after moving to Montpelier. I wanted to meet people and try something new, so googled “Roller Derby Montpelier Vermont,” and found CVRD. Haven’t looked back since!
What I like best about Roller Derby so far: I love pushing myself, and my fitness, to new levels. This is such a challenging and rewarding sport, and I love that about it. I also love the amazing, supportive women I skate with. They have never once made me feel like an idiot for taking forever learning T-stops, or falling down a million times. They just applaud you for falling the right way, and work with you to get you up and moving again.
Derby Hero: Scald Eagle with Rose City Rollers. She is an amazon on skates. I love her fierceness, control, and skill.
Best advice from a seasoned skater: If you’re not falling, you’re not pushing yourself. Get up & keep skating. (seriously, Best Advice, and so important to remember as fresh meat!!)